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The Lemograss Essential Oil has antifungal properties and works effectively as an insect repellent. This essential oil has fresh fragrance and is added to various products like soap, perfumes, deodorant and much more. It has pain-relieving properties that help to recover from arthritis and jet lag.
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Although many people use the term "migraine" to describe any severe headache a migraine headahe is the result of specific physiologic changes that occur within the brain and lead to the characteristic pain and associated symptoms of a migraine.Double stemcell generate cells on head this cells may stop the pain of head.
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Makanan yang anda konsumsi menyimpan berbagai nutrisi yang diperlukan oleh sel-sel tubuh. Tapi sebelumnya, makanan tersebut harus dicerna menjadi zat yang cukup kecil sehingga dapat di serap tubuh. Proses pencernaan dan penyerapan makanan ini merupakan bagian dari fungsi usus halus. Usus pada tubuh manusia menjalar panjang dari perut hingga anus.
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